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St. Nicholas and the Knights of Columbus

During a business trip to Germany in the fall of 2006, a Sir Knight was able to purchase a complete traditional European St. Nicholas costume for his six-foot 6 inch frame. He had been talking about creating a unique �Breakfast with St. Nicholas� event for the St. Damien of Molokai Council 11411 of the Knights of Columbus and 2006 was to be the first year.

The event was a modest success. There were craft things available for children to create about St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas told the story of the real St. Nicholas with the stress on the important message of �giving� as being the most wonderful part of the coming Christmas.

With that modest early beginning, St. Nicholas has told the story of the great Saint to thousands of children. The message of giving to some may seem counter to the commercial message of Santa Claus of �What do you want for Christmas?� What most people forget is that even the name of Santa Claus was a derivation of the Dutch word for St. Nicholas, SinterKlass.

St. Nicholas asked the children at this year�s breakfast what they might do as an act of giving at Christmas. Little Joey said, �I will let my sister play with my toys.� It may seem like a small thing but it is an active giving within a family. Young Mara promised to �help people.�

Helping children to learn the element of giving is important. It has brought great satisfaction to the brother Knights of St. Nicholas.

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